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Mail Forwarding

Ensure all your important mail reaches you at your new address.
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Hold Mail

Keep your mail safe and secure when you're not there to receive it.
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Have your online purchases delivered to any convenient post office.
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Ship Online

Your personal shipping tool. Create a shipping label at home to send a parcel anywhere in Canada, U.S. or internationally.
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Find a delivery standard

See how long it takes to deliver your letter or package in Canada.
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Print a return label

Enter the return code from your merchant and print a prepaid return shipping label.
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View special requirements

Learn about restricted and prohibited items by destination.
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Estimate duties and taxes

Estimate your customs costs before you send international shipments.
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Get ready for customs

Locate the customs code for the item you’re shipping or fill out our online form right away to save time.
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Collect On Delivery (COD) form

Create your COD form online before going to the post office.
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    Shipping tools for businesses

    Canada Post Snap ShipTM

    Ideal tool for small business shipping. Print labels and get rates in only 5 minutes.
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    Shipping Manager

    Our new tool for businesses with shipping contracts. Prepare multiple shipments to send anywhere in the world.
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    EST Desktop 2.0

    Download shipping software to your desktop. Prepare multiple business orders to worldwide destinations.
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    Manage returns

    Create and manage one or more return policies for your customers.
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    Find a deposit location

    Find a Canada Post facility to drop off your commercial mail deposit.
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    Request a pickup

    Convenient parcel pickup services for businesses of all sizes.
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    Determine parcel pickup availability

    Find out if parcel pickup is available in your neighbourhood.
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    Package Redirection

    Redirect eligible packages before they get to their destination.
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      Marketing tools for businesses

      Precision TargeterTM

      Use interactive maps and demographic data to target customers with your direct mail.
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      Snap AdmailTM

      Fast and easy online tool to create direct mail campaigns. Ideal for small businesses.
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      Find a direct mail partner

      Get expert help to prepare your next direct mail campaign.
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      Machineable Mail Advisor

      Use our templates to send direct mail to your customers. Ideal for large-volume campaigns.
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      Business Reply MailTM artwork

      Use our templates to design your postage-paid return card or envelope in your next mailing.
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      Business Reply MailTM reporting

      Expecting customers to send you their postage-paid return cards? Create real-time data reports.
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      Postal indicia

      Use our templates to create your postal indicia for your next mailing.
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      Container labels

      Ensure efficient delivery of your mail by preparing your own container and shipping labels.
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      EST Online

      Business customers with account privileges can prepare mailings.
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      Express Order Entry

      Business customers can send mail to Canadians with Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™.
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        Postal Services Information (PSI)

        Comprehensive information about the products and services we offer to both personal and business customers.

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        Online Business Centre

        Easily manage your commercial account and pay your invoices through our Online Business Centre.
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        Get started with Precision Targeter

        Create your Neighbourhood MailTM campaign with an interactive map

        Use our interactive maps and demographic data to plan and execute your mailing campaign.

        Create your campaign using a list of geographic areas

        Use geographic area lists to identify and select routes that matter to you. Export your list for various Canada Post shipping tools (e.g., EST). New! - You can also look up routes with any postal code.

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