Postal Boxes – often known as post office boxes or PO Boxes – are locked compartments in a post office for receiving mail and deliveries. You are only to use Postal Boxes to receive mail items sent to you through Canada Post approved services and not as a storage or security compartment. The use of the Postal Box is not transferable.

You must sign and agree to the Postal Box terms and conditions to rent a Postal Box from us.

We offer 3 types of Postal Box services:

Prime Mode Postal Box

A Prime Mode Postal Box is provided at no charge when we’ve designated the mode of mail delivery for the applicable civic or physical address as a Prime Mode Postal Box.

Please note: You may rent a Convenience Postal Box in place of – or in addition to – your Prime mode of delivery (for a fee).

Convenience Postal Box

A Convenience Postal Box is a secure and affordable means for you to receive mail at an address other than your primary address. You can choose the appropriate size for the volume or amount of mail you typically receive. Also, you can select a rental term (3, 6, or 12 months) that best suits you and renew the rental indefinitely.

General Delivery

We use General Delivery when you can’t receive mail through any other available free mode of delivery. For example, if we don’t otherwise have a free mode of delivery available in your area. General Delivery is also offered to the travelling public for a period of up to 4 months.

Please note: In Canada, we use the term “GENERAL DELIVERY” in English and “POSTE RESTANTE” in French. The international term, however, is always “POSTE RESTANTE”.

Please note:

We reserve the right to terminate or re-assign Postal Boxes at any time.