How to prepare your Registered Mail for delivery

    There are 3 options to prepare Registered Mail™ for delivery to Canadian destinations:

    1. Registered Mail™ peel-and-stick labels

    • Request Registered Mail peel-and-stick labels from any post office or customer service at 1-888-550-6333. Labels include a tracking number and corresponding barcode.
    • Apply a label to each envelope.
    • Keep a record of the tracking numbers for each item so that you can track them later.
    • Create a Statement of Mailing (SOM) in Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) or manually. If you deposit your items without a SOM, your mail items must have a meter impression or postage stamps that cover the cost of the mail piece (depending on the weight) plus the Registered Mail fee.
    • Drop-off your items at a Canada Post revenue verification unit (RVU) or your local post office.
    • Please note that Registered Mail items must not be deposited in street letter boxes.

    2. Prepaid Registered Mail envelopes

    To order your prepaid envelopes call the commercial order desk at 1-888-550-6333.

    Prepaid Registered Mail envelopes are available to commercial customers in 2 sizes:

    • Standard (Item# 143001): 150 mm x 240 mm – max 50 g
    • Other (Item# 143002): 241 mm x 318 mm – max 200 g

    You pay one basic price and receive the following features:

    • Signature of the recipient (when the item is received)
    • Proof of registration (detachable tracking number on the prepaid envelope flap)
    • Proof of delivery
    • Return to sender if item is undeliverable
    • Mail Forwarding™ service if the recipient has purchased this option
    • Liability insurance coverage of up to $100

    You can deposit your prepaid Registered Mail envelopes at the following locations:

    • Retail post office
    • Revenue verification unit (RVU)
    • Street letter box, or community mailbox

    3. Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) desktop software

    Create and print your own Registered Mail barcode labels with a compatible 4” x 6” thermal label printer.

    EST desktop software lets you:

    • Type in the destination address
    • Type in the destination postal code
    • Import an address file

    EST desktop software allows you to:

    • Capture each of your Registered Mail tracking identifiers in the Canada Post tracking system and associate each with the order (SOM) number
    • Setup email notifications on Registered Mail items
    • Assign a "customer reference" to each Registered Mail item which can also be used for tracking
    • Provide additional tracking events
    • Use the advanced tracking options within the Online Business Centre, which includes tracking by SOM number

    Import your tracking numbers into the Business Desktop

    After preparing your Registered Mail items, you can import the Registered Mail barcodes directly into the Electronic Shipping Tool (EST) 2.0

    Using the EST2.0 Machineable Mail import file , you can:

    • Reduce data entry by automating the completion of the order (Statement of Mailing)
    • Capture each of your Registered Mail tracking identifiers in our tracking system and associates with each with the Order (SOM) number
    • Gain an additional tracking event for each item imported
    • Track your items by SOM number using the “Manifest Search” option within the Online Business Centre

    For more information on how to use this option, please see the attached PDF.

    Learn more about Registered Mail PIN import feature that enables advanced tracking.

    Download a Serial number/Bar code request form.

    Custom Printing of Registered Mail barcodes

    You can print Registered Mail barcodes directly on your mail items (showing through the envelope window), or on your envelopes.

    Examples of custom print barcodes

    Request barcode numbers

    All Custom Print and layout of Registered Mail™ barcodes is subject to testing and approval by Canada Post.

    Tracking numbers for Registered Mail for custom applications

    1. Complete the Serial Number/barcode Request Form. The minimum order is 100 barcodes.
    2. Send the completed form to

    Tracking numbers will be sent to you via email. We will require a screen shot to confirm that the numbers have been entered correctly.

    For More information about creating custom Registered Mail barcodes contact us at

    Create test samples and submit for approval

    1. According to our specifications, create 10 samples of the Registered Mail items. Include the notice/letter (with barcode) and the envelope. If the barcode is printed directly on the envelope, only the envelope samples are required.
    2. Send the samples to:

      2701 RIVERSIDE DR SUITE N0440
      OTTAWA ON K1A 0B1

    Within 5 business days of receiving the samples, we will provide you the results and if it meets our requirements for approval. Approval is not required for each mailing unless you change the envelope or notice/letter format however. We recommend that you obtain our approval annually to ensure samples comply with the most current specifications.

    Prepare and drop off your mailing

    1. Print and prepare the Registered Mail items as per the approved samples. Do NOT reuse numbers or numbers beyond the assigned range as we cannot track these items.

      For a new range of barcodes please download the Barcode request form here. Once completed send to
    2. Complete a Lettermail Statement of Mailing using our Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) 2.0 or manually and indicate Registered Mail and the number of items.
    3. Keep a record of the tracking numbers and the corresponding address information for follow-up tracking purposes.
    4. Drop off your items and Statement of Mailing at a Post Office or a Receipt Verification Unit. If you deposit your items at a Post Office without a Statement of Mailing your mail items must have a meter impression or postage stamps that cover the cost of the mail piece (depending on the weight) plus the Registered Mail fee. Please note that Registered Mail items cannot be deposited in street letter boxes.