Get a Return Label guide

    In “Get a return label,” you can create a label online using a Return ID or direct link from your merchant. Then you can download and print the label or use the QR code in your email to return at a post office.

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    Information required for return

    The following information might be collected from you to create a return label.

    Return ID

    Find the Canada Post Return ID number provided to you by the merchant. It begins with PR and is followed by 6 digits. It’s usually found on the packing slip, in a merchant’s email, or on their website. If you cannot find it, please contact the merchant. You need this number or a direct return link to access the label. Read about what to do if the return ID is invalid.

    Return authorization number

    Some returns require a Return Authorization (RA) number. It is provided by the merchant during the purchase or return process. Check your packing slip, emails, or the merchant’s site to find it. Read about what to do if the RA number can’t be verified.

    Package details

    For return, your package needs to be less than 30kg (65lb), or it will not be accepted at the post office. Contact your merchant if your package exceeds this weight limit. Their contact info can be found on the same page.

    Order info

    You will see this section if the merchant wants to obtain additional information about the order. Your answer might help the merchant process your return.

    Return from

    Add your first name, last name, and address. Your name and the first line of the address will show up on the return label.

    Email notification

    Your email is needed to send the return label and instructions in a confirmation email. You can also opt-in for email notifications about the return shipment.

    After creating a return label

    You’ll see a success page with return instructions and an email receipt when the above information is submitted.

    Email receipt

    The email includes return instructions, a link to download your return label, and a QR code you can bring to a post office to have your label printed.

    Download label

    You can download your return label from the success page or the email receipt containing the return label and QR code.

    Send copy of the label

    You’ll automatically receive the email that contains a return label, but you can send the label to an additional email address.

    Return instructions

    Find the instructions on the success page or in your email to ensure a smooth return.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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    What if I don’t have a printer?

    No worries! You don’t need to print your return label. Just bring the email with your QR code on your smartphone or tablet to Canada Post. We'll scan the code and print your label for you.

    What should I do if my Return ID is invalid?

    Please make sure you are entering a valid Return ID from your merchant. If it doesn’t work, please contact the merchant to ensure their Canada Post return policy is active.

    What should I do if my RA number cannot be verified?

    Please make sure you are entering a valid RA number from your merchant. If it doesn’t work, please contact your merchant directly. Their contact information can be found on the page.

    How long is my label good for?

    Once you print a label, there is no time limit on when you drop the return off at the post office or mailbox. If you create the label online, you must print it or bring the QR code to the post office within 30 days, or it will expire.

    Can I reprint my label?

    Yes, you can reprint the return label. You can reprint it from the email you receive or take the QR code to a post office, and a clerk can print it for you. Note: Once created, the link to print the label and the QR code will expire within 30 days if not used.

    Can I use my label more than once?

    No, you can only use the label for one package.

    Do I have to pay for this label?

    No, the merchant covers the return shipping fees.

    Can I cancel the label?

    You cannot cancel the label. Note: labels that are printed but not used will not be charged.