Canadian Forces Postal Service

    Send mail throughout the world at domestic prices

    Keep in touch with Canadian Armed Forces members deployed overseas. Use the Canadian Forces Postal Service and send your packages at domestic prices.

    Who can use this service?

    • People in Canada who are sending packages to Canadian Armed Forces members deployed anywhere in the world, whether on land or at sea.
    • Canadian Armed Forces members who are deployed abroad and sending packages back to Canada through a Canadian Forces post office.

    How to send mail to Canadian Forces members deployed overseas

    To send mail outside of Canada with the Canadian Forces Postal Service, you need to use one of the addresses listed on the Canadian Forces website.

    Although the prices are domestic, international customs requirements still apply to all packages sent overseas. You will need to complete a customs form, which can be done online or at the post office.

    How Canadian Forces members can send mail back to Canada

    Go to the Canadian Forces post office where you are deployed to mail any letters or packages to Canada. Address the item with the full name, street address and postal code of the addressee.

    Your mailing rate will be based on the domestic rate from Belleville, Ontario, to the destination. To check rates prior to going to the post office, use the Find a Rate tool.