Pickup services

We offer convenient parcel pickup services. If you have parcels that are ready to ship, let us pick them up for you.

Recurring (Scheduled) Pickup

The Recurring (Scheduled) Pickup service is suited to more frequent shippers. Recurring (Scheduled) Pickup is available on business days and may be arranged at a mutually agreed time, ensuring efficient deposit of your items into our delivery network.

Fee levels

We base Recurring (Scheduled) Pickup fees on your total annual parcel shipping purchases per pickup location. A weekly fee makes it easier to plan and budget, particularly if shipment volumes fluctuate from week to week. There are three Recurring (Scheduled) Pickup fee levels.

Annual parcel shipping purchases Fees
$15,000 or more No fee
Between $2,500 and $14,999 Available for a weekly fee
Less than $2,500 Recurring (Scheduled) Pickup isn’t available

Annual (12 month) parcel shipping purchases include parcel shipping and associated option fees, but exclude pickup fees and taxes.

We’ll review your parcel shipping purchases per pickup location to determine your pickup service availability and associated fees.

Recurring (Scheduled) Pickup is available to:

  • Customers with a Standing Offer Agreement (paying by account or by credit card)
  • Solutions for Small Business cardholders (paying by credit card)

Shipping purchases of U.S. and International Parcel Services can be consolidated with shipping purchases of Canadian Parcel Services to determine your weekly fee.

One-Time On-Demand Pickup

Use One-Time On-Demand Pickup service to arrange a one-time pickup at a time that’s convenient for your business. We’ll apply a pickup fee per stop unless shipping using Priority™.

You can arrange pickups:

  • Up to 90 days in advance using an account number or a credit card saved in your profile as a method of payment
  • 5 business days in advance without a credit card saved in your profile
  • On the same business day, if you make the request before the local call-in cut-off times

One-Time Third-Party On-Demand Pickup

One-Time Third-Party On-Demand Pickup allows you to authorize a Canada Post pickup at a third-party location or at another address. You can arrange for the third-party pickup yourself or give your Canada Post account number to a third party to arrange for the One-Time On-Demand Pickup. If you want to let a third party use your account number for a One-Time Third-Party On-Demand Pickup, contact your sales representative.

Visit our Request a pickup page at any time or contact customer service during business hours to:

  • Arrange a One-Time On-Demand Pickup
  • Confirm pickup availability
  • Check call-in cut-off times for your area