Delivery options for your mail and parcels

Set up your personal mail with the kinds of access and convenience you want. Learn about our delivery options for when, where and how you receive your mail or parcels.

Manage your mail

Adjust your mail delivery as you need: Put a temporary stop on your personal mail or forward it to your new address. You can also get help with your community mailbox or get your bills and statements online.

Alternative delivery options

Take advantage of a second address to receive your mail and parcels with privacy and convenience. See how you can rent a personal post office box or use FlexDeliveryTM to receive your online purchases at the post office of your choice.

Moving to a new home

Make sure your mail follows you when you move. Get helpful information to smoothly transition to a new address.

Quick tools for your mail and parcels


Find out the status of your registered letter or package and when it will arrive.

Find a post office

Get personal service at a post office near you.

Our mobile app

Use Canada Post tools from anywhere with our free app.