Lunenburg - Commemorative Envelope

June 07, 2003

Celebrating its 250th anniversary in 2003, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, was established in 1753 by German, Swiss and French Protestants under British patronage. Soon after its establishment, Lunenburg developed major fishing and ship building industries. Today, Old Town Lunenburg boasts a colourful waterfront, narrow streets and remarkably well preserved historic architecture. An outstanding example of British Colonial settlement in North America, Lunenburg is both a National Historic Site and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Displayed on the reverse of Canada Post's Lunenburg commemorative envelope is the Bluenose, which is perhaps the most famous schooner built in this historic town's shipyards.

Commemorative envelope

Commemorative envelope


  • Product #: 341624
  • Denomination: 1 x 48¢
  • Design: Bernie Reilander
  • Quantity: 12,000