Reach every mailbox

    Build awareness and acquire new customers

    Get anything from postcards to flyers into the mailboxes of Canadians within a specific neighbourhood, region or the entire country with Canada Post Neighbourhood MailTM.

    How to get started with Neighbourhood Mail

    Have one of our partners help you launch a direct mail campaign or use our online tools to develop one from start to finish yourself. Find out how marketers and medium-large businesses can qualify for volume discounts.

    Get help from a partner

    Businesses of all sizes can get help from our network of Canada Post Smartmail Marketing TM partners* and members of our Canada Post Solutions for Small BusinessTM  program may be eligible to save up to 15% on postage rates.

    Our partners will lend their expertise to your campaign and take care of all the details for you, including:
    • Developing your campaign strategy. 
    • Designing and printing your direct mail.
    • Adhering to mail specifications. 
    • Preparing your mailing for delivery.
    Find a partner

    Do it yourself

    Small businesses can start their own direct mail campaign in less than 10 minutes and save a flat 5%, using our easy online tool, Snap AdmailTM Direct. For even better results, you can add digital display ads to your campaign with our new add-on, Snap Admail Plus.

    Launch a campaign in a few simple steps:
    1. Choose your ideal audience using an interactive map and demographic filters.
    2. Pick from thousands of templates of postcards and flyers, upload your own or let us design one for you.
    3. Take your campaign online with Snap Admail Plus and combine digital display ads with your direct mail campaign.
    4. Place your order and you’re done!
    No extra paperwork or drop-offs needed. We’ll take care of printing, online ad design and delivery. Terms and conditions apply.
    Start your campaign

    Already have your flyers or postcards printed?

    Don’t waste valuable marketing dollars sending them to the wrong customers. Use our free online tool –Precision Targeter TM for precise and detailed customer targeting.

    Target a neighbourhood

    Tips on Neighbourhood Mail

    Your mail pieces must be sent from Canada and delivered within Canada. Follow these guidelines for a better delivery experience.


    Please keep your Neighbourhood Mail pieces unaddressed.


    Proper mail preparation is important to making sure your mailing is processed and delivered efficiently. Read our bundling requirements.


    Your mailing must meet the minimum volume requirement: one postal route (average 500 addresses) or any combination of householder type on a given route.


    Our pricing is easier than you think–here’s how it works. You want to send flyers to homes near your business. For Neighbourhood Mail, you’ll need to send 1 flyer to every address on a postal route (approximately 500 addresses). We’ll charge you as little as $0.173 for each flyer. You pay: $0.173/flyer x 500 (sample # of houses on a postal route) = $86.50. Prices are exclusive of taxes and are subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

    Want even better prices on your mailing?

    Small businesses get discounts from 5-15%. See direct mail savings

    Do you send more than 100,000 direct mail pieces (like flyers, samples or postcards) annually? Contact us for volume-based discounts.

    When will my items be delivered?

    3-13 business days
    Your delivery time starts on the first business day after you drop off your items before 11 a.m. We add in distance time (for example: if your mailing starts in Toronto but you want it delivered in Vancouver, we add the transportation time to the mail carrier’s delivery time).
    See our Neighbourhood Mail delivery standards for specific times.

    Need more details on sending Neighbourhood Mail?

    You'll learn about:
    • Pricing based on the item’s weight. 
    • Standard size and weight measurements to help you design your mailing. 
    • Preparing your mailing into bundles for processing. 
    • Creating your order using our online shipping tools.
    Read the full guide

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